• 桃園虎頭山 Overview of Hutoushan

    越野登山腳踏車台灣地圖 Map of off road cycling in Taiwan

    Presentation of the Hutoushan hills in the backyard of Taoyuan, which are a good introduction to various terrains of Taiwan. 虎頭山有各種各樣的道路,很適合初學者。我來介紹這個小登山腳踏車天地。

    登山腳踏車道路的地圖 Mountain bike routes map

       全路資料 information link
    高差:140 公尺
    類型: 各種各樣的
    Global route
    Elevation gain:140 m
    Type: All types
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    級: 1 到 5
    Off-road details
    Grade: 1 to 5
    Commitment: Low

    Location of the bike routes :


    Hutoushan location of the bike routes 虎頭山道路的地圖

    Legend : MTB grade scale



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    Tiger don't eat dog
    Hutoushan literally means tiger head mountain, however there isn't anything looking like a tiger here, and not even like a head. Tiger mountain is a hill in the backyard of Taoyuan city which hosts many temples as well as a lovely nature. For the mountain biker it hides a great variety of dirt roads and tracks. Some of them are popular hiking routes, others are already popular biking routes. But many places are just empty and I think it is a pity since the place is really accessible and safe. Despite the short elevation this area gives opportunities to ride excellent off-roads, to discover a lot of things and to have a plenty of fun.

    Taoist temple

    It is a good place to familiarize with the terrain of Taiwan, since there are all kind of tracks in all conditions, from the large fire road to the invisible jungle path. There are lovely places such as tea fields, bamboo forests, rice fields, and according to the season you may admire wild flowers, silvergrass, splendid butterflies and many kinds of birds. Beware that it is a low altitude area, so that the summer can be really hot. I also recommend to wear long pants in the remote places, since the grass can be high and itching.

    Fengwei St. 鳳尾街

    Another reason to wear long pants is that there are some stray dogs around, and we do not like them to bite our plump calfs. Actually most of them are concentrated around the 7K of 桃11 where they get food, so that I usually avoid to dwell around here. But elsewhere the stray dogs are less numerous and not aggressive. We should certainly be more careful of the watchdogs chained in estates at the foot the hill, they sometimes feriously jump on the road. And although I took a great care not to enter any private property or closed road, however it sometimes happens to lose one's way...

    Taiwan flag

    我以前去過台灣東海岸的山坡上看芒草,也去過阿里山看茶園跟竹林, 也去過新竹看蝴蝶跟其他野生動物。 可是我以前不知道,離這裡那麼近也可以看芒草,也可以看竹林,也可以看茶園, 蝴蝶,美麗的山景跟許多其他奇蹟。這個地方是虎頭山,在桃園的後院上。雖然地方比較小,但是實在漂亮。關於登山腳踏車,因為道路又多又安全,所以很有意思。不用騎單車在走路的步道。而且雖然大部分小路比較容易騎,但是也有難的。這裡,大家都能來玩,從初學者到專家。我常常來這裡,每次都覺得很奇怪,為什麼那麼少人來這裡騎登山車。
    因為騎車者少,所以有的道路上被野草充滿了,就變成了一種叢林了,不可以騎了。我要提供一些基本訊息, 特別關於不常騎的道路。我希望更多騎車者來玩,就也幫助保持道路。

    On the flower lane route 26

    Additional information 其他資料:

    Access 通路: By train : Chenggong road section 1 is only 250m from Taoyuan train station, so this is a very convenient way to reach the place, although very urban.

    By bike : Taoyuan city and Gueishan township have recently completed excellent bicycle roads running along the river (Nankan creek) and along the 105 road to Linkou.

    By car : Click here for information about the parkings along Taoyuan bicycle path (in chinese 成功自行車道全區導覽).

    Most of the routes are accessible from the top by Chenggong Road section 3 (成功路), which is winding on the hills crests. This road is also denominated as 桃11 (tao11). But beware that this 桃11 has several branches elsewhere. There are two main accesses, the first one is directly from Taoyuan city by following Chenggong Road (good bicycle path) and climb it up to the hill (8% slope). The second access is from the north, road 105 from Linkou or Gueishan. At the 17K sign, exit from 105 and head south-west to small roads. Pass two cross-roads and turn right to Shuren Rd (樹人路), which is the local name of 桃11. Actually the most pleasant way to climb the hill is to follow Fengwei St. (鳳尾街) which is a lovely road winding through the rice fields and vegetable farms. But the entrance of the road is not obvious, so I advice to have a look at a map or to explore from the top.

    Condition of the paved road: Chenggong road section 3 is a sort of tourist road and a brand new bicycle path has been constructed on both sides from Taoyuan up to the S bend. After this the road is well maintained and clean, however I find it significantly hazardous at commuting hours.

    Drinkable water 飲用水: There is no vendor on the hills, but the minigolf at 5.5K of 桃11 has a nice pub. Down the hill there are plenty of vendors in Taoyuan city.

    Permit 登山證: No !

    Bicycle path along Nankan creek


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